Who We Serve

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Zion keepers inc. provides housing and other supportive services, to homeless disable male veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS, people struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, and other life controlling issues. Our program helps those we serve establish a personal relationship with their creator and, to regain their independence through a program that touches all facets of their life.
We provide:
    • Safety through meeting housing needs
    • ADA balanced meals daily
    • NA, CA, AA twelve step programs, community and in-house
    • Structured environment
    • Substance abuse Education
    • Employment assistance
    • Community Outreach opportunities
    • Relapse prevention
    • Recovery awareness groups
    • Spirituality groups
    • Random drug Screens
    • Individual Evaluation and Assessment
    • Work Ethics
    • Anger Management
    • After Care
    • Referral Network
    • Mentoring and Advocacy
Zion Keepers, Inc. ministry program consists of three phases. These phases begin as the residents come into the ministry and conclude with their graduation into an after-care program and permanent housing.